Week 11

Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying these windy end-of-summer days, perhaps with some fresh corn on the cob.

In our pre-bagged option this week, we’ll plan on bring you the staples: corn, red potatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.

We will not have bulk cranberry beans for sale this week, the fields were nearly picked clean last week. But we will have Jilo, also know as garden egg. Jilo is a type of bitter eggplant harvested while still green (ripens quickly to red), and like all of our edible bitter plants, great at supporting the liver and easing digestion.

We will also have apples, beets, radishes, cantaloupe, corn, cucumbers, zucchini, bicolored callaloo (both red and green), dill and cilantro, maxixe cucumbers, onions, jalapeño and green bell peppers, red potatoes, pumpkin vine, winter squashes, and my favorite: tomatoes.

Have a lovely week, and we hope to see you at the market!

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